API Sourcing

Orbit team provides a complete guide to API sourcing. We provide the sourcing of API, their complete documentation to final procurement of all API’s.

We provide sourcing of all grades of API (IP, CEP, BP, etc)


Orbit provides a platform for strategic and regulatory based product development services. Our orbit team assist from product concept through formulation development to production, team of experts will help you produce cost-effective, high quality products with superior performance.

By applying our highly advanced technology and technical expertise to every step in the process, we assist you to execute your product development plan to achieve regulatory and commercial success.

Orbit team expertise will help you deliver a better product and help you bring it to market faster.

Analytical Services

Orbit Pharmaceuticals offers services which help you to develop, perform routine analysis, conduct Validation, and ensure your products integrity from raw materials to market.

Our team has qualified personnel who experts in the respective field services, believes in quality and are supported by an efficient Project Management.

Orbit offers services which provide analytical support, reference standards and technical writing for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Regulatory Services

Orbit also provides regulatory services through our experienced team. Providing information on regulatory requirements for different products. Our services stay along throughout the commercial life of your product.

Our services include design of regulatory strategies, starting from inception of new product idea, also include provision and complete registration of dossiers for all type of product with their worldwide submissions and registrations.

Pharmaceutical Auditing

Orbit provide complete MHRA IMB and FDA audits to verify the compliance status of pharmaceuticals that are produced. We suggest improvements to produce consistently controlled products to meet standards appropriate for their intended use.

We assist our clients in assuring consistent quality and adherence to regulatory authorities across the entire supply chain i.e. from procurement to distribution, complaint evaluation and product quality reviews.

We provide auditing services for drug substance and drug products, excipients, equipments, facilities, utilities, processes and process installations.

Export - Import

We are exporter / importer of pharmaceuticals, both International Branded (EU/USA origin) and Indian Generic.

We provide the best price and quality products to our customers.